Kirstin Parmeter

Kirstin ParmeterLPC

Are you ready to become a “scientist of self”? My approach to processing trauma, and treating anxiety, depression, and relationship issues is to assist each client in developing insight and identifying core beliefs that inform their sense of self. Yes, we will talk about coping skills and breathing, but we will also take a deeper dive into the experiences that have brought you to seek therapy and learn what your patterns are. I am a directive therapist, which means that I will suggest “optional homework” at times. This will be work that you can do to advance your own understanding of what drives you, and what might not be serving you in the way you need it to. My approach is eclectic and informed by the client I am working with. My theoretical orientations are primarily in the attachment theory and family systems realms. Sessions can be intense but can also be full of laughter. It is not my job to crack your head open and drag out all the trauma, especially if things happened in your life that were beyond your control. You choose what we talk about and identify your own goals for therapy. If you are ready to approach this work in a safe, supportive, and non-judgmental environment, it would be an honor to meet you where you are and walk alongside you.