Bronwen Flores

Nurse Practitioner

Bronwen Flores, a board certified psychiatric mental health nurse practitioner nearing the completion of her doctorate, with a Master of Science in nursing.

Throughout her lifespan, she has exemplified resilience, dedication, and a relentless pursuit of knowledge and excellence in healthcare. From her early days as a combat medic, in the United States Air Force, to her current role as a psychiatric mental health nurse practitioner, she continually evolves and expands her skill set to meet the ever-changing needs of individuals and the healthcare system.

Deploying to Germany in support of the Iraqi war marked a significant turning point in her career, exposing her to the realities of combat medicine and the importance of teamwork and adaptability in high-stress situations. Her subsequent deployment to Afghanistan further deepened her understanding of the complexities of providing healthcare in a wartime setting, solidifying her commitment to serving those in need regardless of the circumstances.

Returning from her military service, she embarked on a journey of academic and professional growth, pursuing a degree at the University of Nevada Las Vegas to obtain her bachelor’s degree in nursing. Her nursing degree would grant her the privilege to care for human beings, at the bedside for over a decade, in intensive care units, obstetric units, emergency departments and mental health.

The decision to pursue a career as a nurse practitioner led her to an education in midwifery and to later transition to psychiatric mental health nursing, reflecting her deep commitment to addressing the diverse needs of individuals across the lifespan. Her extensive experience in various clinical settings, from emergency departments to labor and delivery units, has equipped her with a comprehensive understanding of the complexities of healthcare delivery and the importance of holistic care. Allowing her to cultivate a meaningful, transparent, collaborative, and individual-entered relationship.

Today, as a psychiatric mental health nurse practitioner, she brings together her diverse background and skill set to provide comprehensive care to individuals struggling with mental health issues. Her journey from the battlefield to the bedside has shaped her into a healthcare professional who is not only knowledgeable and skilled but also deeply compassionate and dedicated to making a difference in the lives of those she serves.